Happy Birthday GFF Style

I turned 28 on June 9 th of this month. I was wondering if  i was going to have a happy birthday i mean this is the first one since i been married to Daniel and he was not here I thought i would be crying and sad but boy was i wrong. I went to bed with the sound of my phone going ding ding i have a chime ringtone for text messages and i got one and turned my phone on vibrate and when i woke up in the morning i had tons of messages wishing me a happy birthday. Throughout the day i tons more and i replied to every single one of them three or four were from my family and a few from my friends that i love or people i knew from high school and church but most of them were from my GFF Family I thank Daniel Goddard for bringing us together hes such an awesome person and the GFFS are an awesome family. My parents took me out to eat at Longhorns and we went to hobby lobby afterwards and then i opened presents and here come the cards. I love the cards they are sometimes the best part well my parents and my sister gave me so wonderful cards my mom and dads literally brought me to tears and then my sisters after that. This is what birthdays are all about friends and family celebrating the person that they love and cherish. When i was little and when i was in high school i had parties i invited people and only one person showed up that does something to a person it really shows you who your friends really are. My family and my husband and my friend Katy and Stormy, and Lori  are my true friends and so are you GFFS you mean the world to me. I was finding joy in the fact that Cyrile got to meet Daniel it was a great present and that Tonyas son was getting better , that Electra hopefully got her cast off that Crystal was feeling better and that Anjies pregnancy was going well that Noah Michelles grandson was doing better and getting the stitches out and i can go on and on. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for all the birthday wishes it meant the world to me love you all

Cassondra Brotzman

The loving card my loving parents gave me


GFF and God

I am new to this blogging thing So here it goes

If you are young and the restless fans you probably know about the actor Daniel Goddard who plays Cane Ashby on Young and the Restless. A while back we found out that their were rumors that his character was getting killed off and they decided to kill him off because he was so popular they were cutting him because he was so popular isnt that absurd . He is an awesome person he is so sweet and kind an awesome dad and husband and he was fired because he was an awesome actor . Well he never wanted to leave and the fans never wanted him to leave and the fans the GFFS all rallied together in a peaceful and Godly way to save his job we tweeted and emailed called and sent post cards tweeted facebooked and even got a plane flown over cbs saying that yr fans want daniel goddard as Cane Ashby. Along the way we have become a true Family we help each other through tough times and make each other laugh we pray for each other and i think thats what God wanted for us to find friends and help each other through the tough times through this bad thing happening we have found a family and also we prevailed because Daniel got his job back and hes Cane Ashby. We did the campaign the right way in Gods eyes not the wrong way by protesting etc and it prevailed and i truly believe that all of us GFFS will remain a part of our family i know they will in mine



thanks and God bless