Happy Birthday GFF Style

I turned 28 on June 9 th of this month. I was wondering if  i was going to have a happy birthday i mean this is the first one since i been married to Daniel and he was not here I thought i would be crying and sad but boy was i wrong. I went to bed with the sound of my phone going ding ding i have a chime ringtone for text messages and i got one and turned my phone on vibrate and when i woke up in the morning i had tons of messages wishing me a happy birthday. Throughout the day i tons more and i replied to every single one of them three or four were from my family and a few from my friends that i love or people i knew from high school and church but most of them were from my GFF Family I thank Daniel Goddard for bringing us together hes such an awesome person and the GFFS are an awesome family. My parents took me out to eat at Longhorns and we went to hobby lobby afterwards and then i opened presents and here come the cards. I love the cards they are sometimes the best part well my parents and my sister gave me so wonderful cards my mom and dads literally brought me to tears and then my sisters after that. This is what birthdays are all about friends and family celebrating the person that they love and cherish. When i was little and when i was in high school i had parties i invited people and only one person showed up that does something to a person it really shows you who your friends really are. My family and my husband and my friend Katy and Stormy, and Lori  are my true friends and so are you GFFS you mean the world to me. I was finding joy in the fact that Cyrile got to meet Daniel it was a great present and that Tonyas son was getting better , that Electra hopefully got her cast off that Crystal was feeling better and that Anjies pregnancy was going well that Noah Michelles grandson was doing better and getting the stitches out and i can go on and on. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for all the birthday wishes it meant the world to me love you all

Cassondra Brotzman

The loving card my loving parents gave me


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  1. kim h
    Jun 11, 2011 @ 04:59:39

    Hi Cassondra, You are so sweet and I wish you had never gone through feelings of rejection but those days are over.You know you are never alone with our Lords arms always either around you or reaching out to you.You have a wonderful family and special friends in your life and I love you too and always wish and pray for you,Gabriel,your husband and the rest of your family all the blessings and best God has for you.And He has so much.
    Iam very glad you had such a great Birthday and glad I could celebrate your Birthday too.


  2. Wanda
    Jun 11, 2011 @ 16:52:15

    Sweetheart, be assured that God loves you and no matter what ppl here on Earth think or do it does not matter b/c you are loved by the father of ALL PEOPLE!! If not for God we would not be together on Daniel’s fb page…God is the reason we are all together. Just keep putting your faith in the Lord and he will make sure that you will always be happy…and so will I!! Luv you, Wanda.


    • stargatesg1girl
      Jun 11, 2011 @ 16:59:40

      Thank you so much Wanda i feel the same way and i know that God is always with me it was one of the best decisions agreeing to have his son Jesus Christ into my heart when i was a late teenager that was when i truly knew that i was saved and to get baptized was one of the best things too eventhough i am afraid of putting my head underneath water God gave me courage. Wanda did you read the first post that i did its talking about what you just mentioned Love you and God bless


  3. Lindsay G
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 03:42:15

    Hi Cassondra! I know exactly how you feel. I look forward to see what is going on with everyone’s lives and I feel a connection with everyone on the page. Just know you are very much loved and appreciated! Us GFFs are a family and are therefore each other! 🙂 Everything happens for a reason as it is stated in Jeremiah 29:11. He has plans for everything. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your night!


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